Our Graduates



Kane Pake is a talented stylsit wokring at Servilles Newmarket, who graduated in 2014. Only recently going on the floor as a fully trained stylist, Kane has already made a name for himself. During his time at the Academy, Kane worked behind the scenes at New Zealand Fashion Week, and since graduating, he has gone on to work with New Zealands hip hop artists. His ability to juggle his life in a busy salon and the demands of photo shoots and campaigns out of work hours makes him one to watch. 

WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO BECOME A HAIRDRESSER? Both of my parents are hairdressers, so they were a huge inspiration for me. Growing up I had all the new hairstyles and colours. Then when I finished school I worked part time in a salon and loved it! 3 months later I started at the Academy and never looked back.  

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE SERVILLES ACADEMY? Because in my personal opinion, it is the best hair Academy available. 

WHAT WERE THE HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR TRAINING AT SERVILLES? I really enjoyed meeting so many creative and like-minded people while I was studying; I made so many great connections!

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND SERVILLES ACADEMY? IF SO, WHY? Definitely. They offer so many opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else. I was given the chance to work in an actual salon, on fashion and hair shows, I got to go to industry demos and even take part in real photo shoots. 

WHAT SORT OF THINGS DID YOU DO WHILE TRAINIG AT SERVILLES? I took every opportunity I was given, and there were many. I even got to work on Fashion Week! As a part of our training we got to take part in photoshoots, work on fashion and hair shows, be creative and design new looks for assignments, we got to work in the Academy salon and we even got to work on productions. 

HAVE YOU FOUND THAT HAVING TRAINED AT SERVILLES ACADEMY HAS HAD A DIFFERENT RESPONSE IN THE INDUSTRY COMPARED TO OTHER HAIR TRAINING PROVIDERS? It is more of a personal connection through the Academy and I was able to learn at my own pace, not at everyone else’s pace. 

DO YOU BELIEVE SERVILLES ACADEMY PROVIDED YOU WITH ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU NEEDED TO STEP OUT INTO A SALON? Most definitely! Then my experiences in the salon fine tuned some of my skills and taught me more about time management in a busy salon.

WAS IT EASY TO FIND A JOB AFTER YOU COMPLETED YOUR TRAINING? I was working in a small salon while I was studying the foundation papers at the Academy. Then once I started my Grad course I started working for Servilles in Takapuna. I think having the name Servilles behind you, from your training, definitely helps in the work force though, it’s so recognised. 

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH/IN YOUR CAREER SO FAR? I have entered, and been a finalist for Wella Trend Vision for three years in a row (2013,2014,2015), worked back stage at NZ Fashion Week, worked on campaigns and photo shoots and even worked on the hair for a shoot for Kay Goss.

WHAT IS A HIGHLIGHT FOR YOU IN YOUR CAREER? I was lucky enough to meet the 2 barbers behind Reuzel!

WOULD YOU CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR CAREER SO FAR? Absolutely nothing, I love my job and the steps I took to get here. 

HOW DO YOU SEE THE HAIRDRESSING INDUSTRY TODAY? The hairdressing industry today is constantly evolving and growing.

WHO IS YOUR IDOL? The guys behind Reuzel Barbers, Leen and Bertus. 

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS? Hopefully working overseas as a hairdresser

DO YOU HAVE ANY UP AND COMING GOALS IN YOUR CAREER? I would eventually like to have my own line of products

WHAT DOES HAIRDRESSING MEAN TO YOU NOW, AND DID IT ALWAYS MEAN WHAT IT DOES NOWHairdressing has always been an art to me, and still is to this day.

WHAT CAN YOU TELL FUTURE STUDENTS ABOUT STARTING A CAREER IN HAIRDRESSING AND WHY WOULD YOU RECOMMEND ITYou will get the best training at the Academy, and a career in hairdressing won't feel like work to you. 

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE THINKING OF TRAINING WITH SERVILLES ACADEMYTake every opportunity you are given and don’t lose your style and taste. Be yourself. 

WHAT WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST/MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS YOU TOOK AWAY FROM YOUR TRAINING AT SERVILLESMy late night lessons with Kellie on men’s cutting were so important to me. They have helped me so much in the salon! 

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? Chill, casual, modern and soft.