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10 Tips to Boost Your Brow Game

Brows are once again becoming the talk of the (beauty) town, so it’s time to turn your brow game up a notch. Have some fun trying out our handy brow-hacks below!

Picking a Product

First things first, you need to know what brow product (or products) will work for you. Finding your match can be easy, but sometimes it might take a bit of playing around with different brands and formulas. There are three categories to choose from; pomades, gels and pencils. If you’re blessed with naturally fuller brows, a gel might be for you. Gels simply help to keep those unruly hairs in place. If you’re guilty of over-plucking or have lighter brows, a pomade or pencil will help you to create a more defined shape or add definition.

Image credit: MAC Cosmetics

Say ‘TTFN’ to Tweezers

The recent trend for late 2020/early 2021 is dramatic – but natural. Try ditching the tweezers for 6-8 weeks to allow your natural brow shape to make a return. We know this might be a bit of a scary commitment, but once you’ve reached the 6-8 weeks mark, tidy up the strays and add definition to your arch… Hello natural brows!

Here’s a Hint: Tint!

Don’t be scared to add a subtle change to your brows by having them tinted. Tinting helps to emphasise the brow shape and finer hairs to create a fuller appearance. The best bit? You can do this at home, or visit a professional if you want to test the waters first.

Prime with Powder

Get the most of your products by mattifying your brows as a first step. Applying translucent powder as a primer will help to intensify the brow product and help keep product on for longer. The powder will help to absorb any oils or creamy formulas, reducing the fading of brow product and ending up with a messy application.

Celeb MUA, Lisa Eldridge

Brush ‘Em Down

This tip may go against some others you might have heard, but if you won’t take it from us, take it from celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. She says brushing down your brow hairs before filling them in helps you to see your brow’s natural shape, and highlights areas which need filling in. Top tip: Don’t forget to brush them back into place again!

Create a Gradient

To help achieve a more natural look to your brows, have a go with using two different shades – using one shade throughout can make them look too harsh. Opt for a lighter shade at the front, blending to a lighter shade towards the arch and tail.

Blend with a Spoolie

Using a spoolie (a clean, non-mascara’d one!) can help to brush out and blend the product in your brows, especially helpful if you’ve attempted our two-shade trick.

Ready, Set!

Here’s where your trusty spoolie comes in handy again. Soak it in setting spray (or hairspray) and comb it through your brows. This will help to set the product and brows in place for the day.

Find your Muse

If you’re not sure where to start or which tips to try, take a look at your fave celeb or makeup artist on Instagram or Pinterest to get some inspo. There’s no shame in crushing over a perf pair of brows to replicate!

If In Doubt, Don’t!

If you’re not sure how to best give your brows a makeover, don’t do anything long-lasting if you’re not sure (we’re talking over-plucking and tattooing!). Visit a professional brow or beauty expert to get some advice or risk living with odd brows for a little while!