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5 Common Skincare Mistakes You Could Be Making

Hands up if you spend maybe a little too long on your skincare routine, or maybe you’re guilty of overspending on a new moisturiser your fave influencer has been using recently? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! There’s nothing wrong with trying different things or splashing out on a product that works for you, but what is important is making sure you’re not wasting your time (and money) by compromising the effectiveness of your hard work. Here are some basic, but vital day-to-day rules to follow when caring for your skin.

Wash those hands

You’ve found the perfect product combo and spent a day’s pay on products this month… The last thing you want to do is apply these skincare products with dirty hands (if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s about how important hand washing is, in any situation!). Not washing your hands before cleansing (or whatever your routine is) means you’re introducing a million dirty particles onto your skin (kind of the opposite to your aim, right?). Make sure to thoroughly clean your hands (ideally with antibacterial soap) and dry them well before commencing your skincare regime.

Cold water is your rinsing friend

This little trick has a couple of perks. Firstly, splashing cold water on your face is a great way to wake yourself up in the morning, plus helps to reduce puffiness around your eyes and cheeks. Cold water also helps with the appearance of pores, tightening them to make them appear smaller whilst also preventing dirt and sweat from clogging them up and resulting in breakouts.

Be gentle

We all know gravity isn’t always our friend. For that reason (and the fact that skin is especially delicate around your eyes), when applying products don’t be rough with it! Abrasively applying products and rubbing in product in a downwards motion is damaging, giving gravity more chance to do its worst and leaving micro-tears in your top skin layers. In short: apply from down to up in a gentle circular motion.

Clean cloths

So you’ve gone through the whole routine and your skin is feeling *fine*. A big no no is then drying your face on a dirty towel. Towels cling on to dust and dirt, so make sure to use a fresh towel or cloth each time to avoid putting those germs back onto your freshly prepped face.

Being sun-smart (every day!)

It’s the age-old rule, but it sticks for a reason! In New Zealand especially, it’s important to wear SPF or sun-cream every day – not just when its sunny outside. You’ll find that a lot of moisturisers and foundations now have SPF in their formulas which cuts a step out of your routine. If it is a particularly sunny day, go a step further by wearing sunglasses or a hat, or sticking to the shade to reduce skin damage.