2009 vs 2019: Celebrity Hair and Makeup Transformations

With 2020 just around the corner, we’ve looked back at some of the biggest stars and their hair and makeup transformations from the beginning of the decade, to today.


Miley Cyrus

Miley has dabbled with numerous hair and makeup looks since her days as a Disney star. Back in 2009/2010, she sported thick, auburn locks and peachy lips. Jump to 2019 and she’s moved into the realm of glam rock, with dramatic eyeliner and dirty blonde hair.

Miley Cyrus. Credit: Just Jared, Refinery29

Kristen Stewart

During the Twilight era, Kristen was the shy, awkward actress who played vampire-loving Bella Swan. Kristen had long, dark hair which she often wore in a pony. Later in the decade, Kristen ditched the length and now known for her short, grown-out platinum hair. Gone are the days of soft makeup – Kristen often rocks dramatic eye makeup and a punk sense of style and is an ambassador for Chanel.

Kristen Stewart. Credit: PopSugar Australia, POPSUGAR

Harry Styles

In 2010, Harry Styles went from regular teen to pop superstar, after becoming 1/5 of the band One Direction. Back then, Harry’s style was casual and cute, with mop-like curls to match. 10 years on Harry is a fashion icon, often appearing in campaigns for Gucci and dabbling in makeup and nail polish. As for his hair, Harry now jumps between a sleek, mature style and longer rocker hair.

Harry Styles. Credit: Pinterest

Selena Gomez

Similar to Miley, in 2010 Selena had the thick, wavy hair and often went for glossy lips with a touch of eye shadow. With her new album on the horizon, Selena’s now the queen of the red carpet, sporting a classy lob with warm-toned colours for her eyes, lips and face.

Selena Gomez. Credit: Glamour, Wikipedia

Jonas Brothers

Ah the Jo-Bros, many millennials first celebrity crushes. At the beginning of the 2010s, the Jonas Brothers had already tried and tested numerous (questionable) hairstyles, but this was the era of curly hair (for Nick and Kevin mainly). Since reuniting the band, the brothers each have their own style, with Nick and Kevin sporting subtle fades and Joe now rocking the curly locks.

Jonas Brothers. Credit: Just Jared, Instagram



Riri is another star who has constantly switched up her look throughout her career. In 2010 she made the bold move to have bright red hair – and she styled it several different ways. From long curls, to a short undercut style, Rhianna always knew how to steal the show with her hair. Now, the Fenty Beauty founder has toned down her hair, colouring it back to a deep brunette shade. Since moving into the realm of cosmetics, her makeup has also taken a step up.

Rihanna. Credit: Flickr, Pinterest, Time


Ariana Grande

Back in 2010, Ariana Grande was best known for playing Cat on Nickelodeon’s Victorious. With the role came a challenging task of dying her hair bright red every other week (red must’ve been in that year amongst the stars!). Now, Ariana is known for her incredible vocal abilities and her signature high ponytail (which started due to the amount of damaged her hair faced earlier in her career). Ari’s also the queen of bold winged liner.

Ariana Grande. Credit: PopSugar, Metro