Barbering tutor Danny standing next to hair model

Meet Danny: Our New Barber Tutor

Last month we welcomed our new Barber Tutor, Danny, to the Servilles Academy team. We sat down to chat to Danny about how he got started in the trade and why he doesn’t consider it ‘work’.

I first got into barbering during my gap year, when a Facebook friend said he was coming to Auckland to do a barber course. To feel a bit more comfortable, he wanted me to tag along with him. A week later I started the course and from the moment I got in contact with the clippers I fell in love with the trade.

I have been a barber for 9 years, going on 10 and I truly have no words in describing the adventure I have been on in this industry. It is amazing.  If you want to wake up every day expecting your day to be exciting or something new, then you would love the hair industry. You meet people from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds, and surprisingly enough, it expands your knowledge of life in general.

One of the many reasons I would encourage aspiring students to start barbering would be to think back to the last great experience you’ve had in a barber shop and imagine having that day almost every time you go to work. Personally, I never call it work as you are surrounded by awesome people.

Here at Servilles Academy we help you understand all the required techniques and knowledge for you to get into the industry with confidence. We stay up to date with training on the latest styles, with consideration that the barber industry is a growing industry with constant change.

I have now achieved one of my highest goals, which is being an ideal example in the barbering industry and passing on what I have learnt in the past nine years.

If you see your future in barbering, apply today! Our next intake is 24th September. Join the movement. Become a Barber. Call 0800 SERVILLES (09 308 0690) or click below to book a free tour of the academy.