Boss Babe Jen Lun

Boss Babe: Jen Lun

We’re bringing back one of our fave blog projects from last year – Boss Babes! We love seeing our students (past and present) flourish in their field and using their passion and talent to forge their own path in the industry. Our first babe is Jen Lun, a hairdresser and business owner who studied at the academy between 2007-2009. Take a read of her career journey below…

Hair has been a focal point of my life since I was 5 years old, when my grandma would dye my hair with leftover colour from doing her own and my mum would be constantly getting perms, which felt like every other week. I was then given a proper hairdressing mannequin at age 12, so my love of all thing’s hair related only grew.

My career aspirations, however, began over 14 years ago in high school when a Servilles ambassador came to my school selling the dream. I signed up, worked hard and completed my training at Servilles Academy in 2009 with outstanding certificates for both courses. Whilst studying I was able to get a range of practical experience working in both Servilles Chancery and Newmarket, where I eventually became a full-time colourist. Within a year and a half, I was an Advanced Stylist taking on my own clientele, many of whom have followed me and remain some of my dearest clients to this day.

Back in the day: Jen at Servilles as a Redken Ambassador

During my time at Servilles Newmarket I was involved in NZ Fashion Week, photoshoots, competition work and NZ’s Next Top Model. The invaluable experience led me to being recognised at the 2011 Servilles Awards Evening as the “Best Up & Coming Stylist”. After 7 years at Newmarket working alongside some of the best hairdressers, I decided to scale back to part-time while I focused attentions elsewhere. This includes 3 years helping my mother manage her café before then shifting into the technical side of hairdressing, working as a Sales & Product Specialist for Vidal Sassoon.

My role at VS was mostly around training and managing accounts (retail stores, not salons). My territory was basically all the upper north island – as far north as Kaitaia and down to Taupo. I would visit stores on a fortnightly cycle, making sure their staff are trained. Making sure they have the right product knowledge and feel comfortable using the appliances in order to sell. I travel every day with a mannequin head for when I’m doing in-store training and demos. For smaller accounts that I look after, I also keep track of their stock level and monthly sales in order to suggest the right product range for their customer base, location and store size. Because VS HO is in Australia, the NZ team travels there at least once a year for conference and new product launches.

Freelancing on the side

Hair is not just a job, it’s my passion, so after years pursuing other career paths it was time to bring hairdressing back to the forefront and so I opened my own place – ‘Jennifer’s Hair Studio’ in July 2020. Even though the timing of which fell within a global pandemic and a country-wide lockdown, I was not going to let that stand in the way of me achieving my dream.

Jennifer’s Hair Studio all set up!

For those aspiring hairdressers I can tell you it’s not as easy as one might think. It takes time, patience, hard work and constant learning as hairdressing is ever evolving. However, being in a position to give others the confidence to feel beautiful within themselves, by you doing what you love, is unquestionably rewarding and makes it all worth it.

Where do I see the hair industry in 5 years? Ever changing and evolving as it is today, however for me, I’ll continue to live my dream in my little studio – my happy place – making peoples day, one hair experience at a time.

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