Boss Babe Olivia Davies

Boss Babe: Olivia Davies

Olivia Davies is a Platinum Hairstylist and Salon Manager at Servilles Newmarket and a Makeup Artist with 16 years’ industry experience. As a successful Servilles Academy alumnus killing it in the hairdressing game, we sat down with Olivia to chat about her time at the academy and her experience in the hairdressing industry…


How did you get into hairdressing?

I first enrolled at Servilles Academy because while I was working as a makeup artist you were always required to do hair as well and I was never that confident or good at it. I joined Servilles with a friend to try and gain some extra hair skills to help my makeup career, but that path quickly changed and led me here. I loved my time at the academy being surrounded by so much creativity, like minds and support from our tutors it was inspiring for me.


Who’s your hair icon?

My hair icon at the moment would have to be Jen Atkin. She is killing it with all her trendsetting looks and ability to use social media to propel her career and business forward.


What are some career highlights?

Career highlights for me would have to be travelling to exotic places, whether it’s been Shanghai or Hawaii for a conference or being flown to Vanuatu to do a client’s hair for their wedding, I am very grateful. Also doing hair and working alongside Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model in NZ was also totally up there for me.


What’s your advice for aspiring hairdressers?

My advice for anyone looking to join the industry would be that it can be hard work but it so much more than cutting hair and painting faces. We make people look and feel their best and with that comes a wonderful sense of lifting people’s spirits especially in today’s busy world it’s very rewarding.


Where do you see yourself and the hairdressing industry in 5 years?

I can see myself in 5 years still doing what I love with my team that I adore but hopefully juggling it around a little family too.  As far as the industry is concerned, I think the demand for more personable and feel-good services like hair and makeup will continue to rise as life gets more stressful and busier for people. Technology is making everything easier for us but it can’t give you the skills and love in a haircut that our hands can. Our salon is like a sanctuary where people are forced to leave life at the door and do something for themselves and their wellbeing. They get to walk out looking better and happier then when they walked in I love that.


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