Dragon band 70s square

Hair Looks We Love by Classic NZ Bands

Continuing to celebrate NZ Music Month and our fave hair moments by some of Aotearoa’s popular musicians, this week we’re throwing it back and celebrating the whacky, groovy and trend-setting looks by bands of the 70s, 80s and 90s!


You may know 70s rock band Dragon from their hit song ‘April Sun in Cuba’. If there was an Aotearoa Music Award for the biggest hair and most prominent moustaches, Dragon would have smashed the competition! In true 70s style, the band let their locks grow and their facial hair show.


Split Enz pushed the boundaries with their theatrical sense of style and quirky music videos. Fronted by brothers Neil and Tim Finn, the band didn’t shy away from making their mark on the international music scene with ‘I Got You’. Here the band are pictured with whacky hair and bold, blue eyeshadow in a Rocky Horror-esqe fashion, taken in 1978.


New Zealand’s answer to the Spice Girls, TrueBliss were a 90s pop girl group who formed together in NZ’s original series of Popstar. While each member had their own style, there’s some relatable nostalgic looks within their ranks, including the bleached bangs, micro bangs, overly plucked brows and that classic flicked-out hair.


Pop/rock group Hello Sailor were a band who formed in 1975 and have performed on and off together throughout the years until 2015. Their overall style has adapted through the decades, but you’ve gotta love the classic mullets they’re sporting in this shot!


All-female vocal band When the Cat’s Away were a group formed in the mid-80s. Known for their many covers including “Melting Pot” (which went to number one in 1988), the band also had some awesome 80s hair-dos including perms, curls, shaggy cuts and a shorter-spiked ‘do.