4 different hair colours in the Servilles Academy Salon

How To Choose the Right Colour and Style

Servilles Academy Salon has your hair covered.

Visiting the hairdressers these days is a much more fun and relaxing experience than 20 years ago. Back then, we would often go in for maintenance (‘same as last time’), or have a celebrity style in mind with magazine clipping. Fast forward to 2019, and we have our camera rolls armed and ready. Screenshots from Instagram, Google searches, websites and the holy grail of inspo, Pinterest, we are ready for our hairdressers to work some god-fairy hair magic.

For some though, knowing what they want and what will suit them (two very different things!), can prove to be a little more thought consuming and daunting. Many of us are on autopilot. We want hair that looks like everything, but gives the illusion of very little done. So, let’s start from scratch and let you fall in love with your hair again. Here at Servilles, we live and breathe hair. Our award-winning hairdressing college is known for helping clients achieve what looks good, is current, and suits their face shape and lifestyle at an affordable price point.

At the end of the day, we want a style that can be managed easily at home so choosing wisely and finding a balance between what you want and what is achievable is step one. It is important to have a hairdresser that helps you find this balance and can advise you from the moment you sit in the chair, to giving you the knowledge tools to manage it yourself for the weeks and months afterwards. Here at the Academy Salon, we use the beautiful Davines range, meaning you get the benefit of a variety of colours, treatments and take-home products to keep your hair looking gorg, weeks after your visit to us.

Choosing hair styles and hair colours is SO. MUCH. FUN. And the right hair stylist will take the hard work and stress away from clients.  Technological advancements, a more natural approach and maintaining the integrity of clients’ hair are points of difference for Servilles. We are guided by face shape (see below), seasons and trends, and there are some general ‘rules’ about complementing our face shape, so these are always good starting points.

Some soft rules for hairstyles by face shapes:

  • Oval: The ideal face shape suits a wide variety of hair styles, and can often suit most haircuts and styles.
  • Square: Go for hairstyles that may give the illusion of a longer face, and if you have long hair, opt for soft layers and texture.
  • Round: Layered, textured and choppy cuts are key to creating harmony on a round face.
  • Diamond: Medium haircuts often balance out the cheekbones, with a side part to boot.
  • Heart Shaped: Bobs, lobs and side-fringe cuts balance out the forehead to chin ratio.

Some hair colour trends that have proved to have the legs for the long haul:

Balayage: Jennifer Aniston had balayage in Friends and it went unnoticed for a very long time. Sarah Jessica Parker brought it to life in Sex and the City. In 2010 this hair trend exploded and looks like it’s here to stay. For those who don’t want to go quite blonde or light as yet, balayage looks amazing when created from our eyes down, and acts as a glow to frame the face. From the eyes down, your stylist will advise you on how dark or light to go. So, this style ticks many boxes. At the academy, we also use the ‘Flamboyage’ technique to create some hair magic. Created by Davines’ former creative director Angelo Seminara, Flamboyage is done using a clear, adhesive paper called Flamboyage Meche. The selected hair is placed on the adhesive paper and the strands left in the adhesive are coloured (resulting in a natural look), whilst the paper strip acts as the working surface.

Beige, bronde and warm blondes: An instant lift and pick me up, this colour is great for the colder months when we don’t want to feel so blah. In fact, this colour is suitable for all year round as long as you maintain the highlights. Thin beige/blonde highlights are scattered throughout the head set against a warm light brown base colour, and suit those with brunette, dark blonde and blonde hair. Great for covering greys too! Bronde is a little bit more recent to the party, but she is one fun colour! An elegant mix of light brown and beige, this colour is ideal for those not wanting to go too light, too dark, and prefer the more consistent highlighted look for an almost one tone colour.

All over global colour: Maintenance depends really on how far away from your natural colour you go. A subtle enhancement to your natural colour can be very low maintenance and add shine and tone vibrancy. On the other hand, if you are wanting something a little more striking, think of a fiery copper or rich chocolate brown. The right all over colour can be so stunning paired with the right skin tone/eye colour.

At Servilles, we love colour trends. They are fun, and give hair a new evolution. The trends above have stuck because they are takes on elegant, transferable and wearable looks. We love seeing you come in with your inspiration, because this is also a great time for us to educate you and work with your hair base tone, to find out if this colour will work for you and on you. Colour trends like pink, green and remember grey? Yah they are fun. We must also remember though, as all trends do, they often disappear before coming back again, and if you tend to be more of a practical person, this colour may not be right for you. So always look to the short and long-term future. If these colours are the change up you are looking for, we will look at your base colour to determine the true colour that will come out and advise accordingly, because if you really want pink, we want you to leave with pink!

Our hairdressing students are trained alongside the some of the industry’s best in our academy before they hit the floor. You will enjoy our thoughtfully created atmosphere and are always under the guidance of our educators. We believe practical, hands on experience is the key to becoming some of the best in the business, and when someone loves their job, they give it their best!

If you are simply not sure what you want, book in for a consultation and we will always work closely with you in uncovering your hair goals. There is no better place for a change up, a refresher, or a crash course in knowing what works for you, than at Servilles Academy. To book, call us on 09 308 0670