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Like A Boss: Matt Borsos

As an academy, we’re really proud of our students, both when they’re still part of the academy community or killing it out in the industry. After an amazing response to our popular Boss Babe series, we wanted to mix it up and celebrate some the guys in the industry who are dons of their domain! For our first feature, we interviewed academy alumni Matt Borsos, who is a platinum stylist and the salon manager at Servilles City Works.

Personal profile:

Matt J Borsos, 36, husband to Lisa and Father to Ryker with another on the way. Hairstylist & manager of City Works having worked in the company for the past 18 years, previously in Ponsonby. I live in the serenity of the native bush in Titirangi and enjoy playing guitar and recently working on the house. 

How did you get into hairdressing?

My mother always had a thing for great hair, it’s the accessory worn every day. As kids she would make sure we have great cuts and this included going to one of the first Servilles branches in Albert St. My passion for something artistic lead me to choosing to study hairdressing after being inspired by the work I’d see happening when I went to get my hair cut. 

Matt at the annual Servilles Awards 2018 with Paul Serville

Tell us about your time at the academy…

It would have been 2002-03 and so Servilles Academy was in Durham St back then, I remember it being such a hive of emerging talent and creativity. We were taught more than just hairdressing at times so I learnt many lessons there coming out of high school and it was such a family environment that I remain friends with many who are still hairdressing to this day. I did my Workbase experience as a student in the Ponsonby branch where I had been a client myself. The owner Louise Pilkington gave me her business card during my last cut as a client when I mentioned I was about to start at the academy and said, “come and join us up here, we’re like family” so to start there and now be “behind the scenes” was pretty cool. I went on to assist Louise as her colourist learning from her craft and her presence as a leader, being genuine, caring & inspiring. The Academy provides such a strong foundation to your career, it has you hitting the floor running with the knowledge you need in the industry.

On stage at Rock and Folk hair event

What are some career highlights?

Working with L’Oreal and the Servilles creative team on stage at the Sky City theatre where I cut and spoke to people from industry would definitely be up there me. Working on Fashion Week for many years as well as the numerous local and international celebs I’ve had the privilege to meet over the years and I’d say we get to experience a more genuine version of them rather than the “on show” side. Winning Servilles Stylist and Salon of the Year was a massive highlight for me in my 2nd year of managing the Ponsonby branch, and I share that success with everyone that was a part of the shop that year.

Cleaning up at Servilles Awards 2018

What’s your advice for aspiring hairdressers or managers/business owners?

Learn your craft well, don’t cut corners, continually upskill and work on the best version of you, be an inspiration and an influencer to the people around you and your clients. Build a strong online presence with creative content and focus on excellent client experience. It can be juggle at times to wear your creative and business hat at the same time as a manager so it’s important to have great structure to your work and to set your goals to achieve. It sounds cliché but writing your goals down with the actions to achieving those goals, set to a timeline will get you results. 

Where do you see yourself and the industry in 5 years?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we never know what’s on the horizon so we should make the most of every opportunity.