Love Is In The Hair

It’s the end of summer, but wedding season is still going strong! Our very own Helen got married last month, inspiring us to collate a wedding-ready hair guide of some of the most popular styles we’ve seen these past few months. So, whether you’re getting hitched yourself, or part of someone’s special day, take a look at some of our favourite looks below.


Tie the Knot

Credit: @NZWeddings (photographer: Nisha Ravji)

A knot or bun is a great choice if you want your dress to take centre stage or keep your hair out of your face for the day.  For those who prefer the no-fuss style, a sleek low bun could be your match. Alternatively, you can go all out with a loose or wavy style, decorated with accessories to really add some glam.

Wavy Wifey

Credit: @togetherjournal 

You can’t go wrong with classic waves. We’re crushing on this relaxed yet stylish look from Together Journal, perfect for a spring/summer wedding! Whether you want a beachy / boho feel or opt for a pony with a soft wavy texture, there are endless ways to style your hair for this occasion. 

Aisle Accessories

Credit: EricaElizabeth

If you’re wanting to keep your hairstyle more lowkey for the big day, adding a bit of sparkle to a subtly-styled ‘do is a great way to dress it up. If you’re opting for an up-do, add some elegant bobby-pins to pin back those flyaways or have some fun with shapes and materials, such as pearl-encrusted barrettes.

If hairpins are too safe for you, why not go all out with a headpiece? With such a vast variety of traditional, floral, cultural and contemporary styles, you’re sure to find one that suits you and your chosen look.


Hip Hubby

Credit: Pinterest

Once upon a time, man buns were most commonly associated with ‘hipster’ (and whilst this still runs true) this trend is becoming more mainstream. If you sport long hair, a bun is a great way to get those strands out of your face for the busy day ahead. Go for a sleeker style like above, or have some fun with fading the sides or underneath of your hair.

Groomed Groom

Clean-shaven or facial hair? A big question for the big day. There’s not really any rules or trends when it comes to deciding on the length or style of your facial hair, but ensuring that it’s tidy and groomed is a must. If you normally sport a beard or moustache, it might be a surprise to be suddenly clean-shaven, but there’s nothing wrong with a trip to your barber for a spruce up. Tuck a small comb in a pocket for the day, ready to whip out for photos.

Fade Forever

Credit: Pinterest

Wedding or not, a fade is always a safe, yet stylish option. Talk to your barber about the different options and shapes that best suit you. Go for a zero-fade if that’s your thing, or opt for a subtler fade with longer on top.