Our People: Bella McNab

Bella is our Academy Host. Her role involves running the Academy Salon, overseeing the client experience and coordinating orders for student kits and salon stock.

Servilles Academy has been a big part of Bella’s life for many years, with her mum being the first ever tutor at the academy. It was Bella’s mother who inspired her to become a hairdresser, after deciding school wasn’t for her and seeking a career in a creative industry. During her time achieving the graduate certificate (now the Emerging Stylist programme), Bella got herself a job in a well-known Auckland salon.

After 6 years working in the business, an injury forced Bella to stop hairdressing full-time, however she still wanted a role within the industry. “Luckily, the industry is so broad you can still be a part of it without being hands on all the time.” That’s when the position of Academy Host opened up.

Bella’s favourite elements of the industry are the creative aspects and social environment. She enjoys being part of a team which has diverse personalities and loves that “each person brings something different to the table”.

“I tend to be the go-to person if students or clients need help or have any questions. I find it easy to relate to students as it wasn’t that long ago when I was in the same position as them.”