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Our People: Leon Toki

Leon is one of the academy’s barber tutors who, like many, has a long history with the Servilles brand. Leon studied hairdressing at the academy in 2001, although following graduation, struggled to find a role he liked. Through the academy he was put in contact with one of the company’s flagship ideas – The Barber of Servilles.

After working at Servilles for 7 years, in 2010 Leon made the trip to London where he worked in a barbershop. Following this, he went on to work in a Trevor Sorbie hair salon for a year. Leon then came back to New Zealand, worked in a local barbershop for a short time and was then offered the position of barber tutor here at Servilles Academy.

Leon says “the atmosphere of the barbershop and being able to have conversations with clients”, along with beard work are his favourite aspects of the industry. Within the academy environment, Leon enjoys the different elements of creativity that the tutoring team showcases and watching students from one programme gaining knowledge from other programmes. Although Leon likes teaching large groups, he especially likes one-on-one time. 

“I like to let students make mistakes so they can learn – it makes it fun trying to figure out how to get it right, together.”