Princess Diaries

Reigning Beauty: Royal Hair and Makeup Looks

Happy Queen’s Birthday weekend!  In celebration of Queen Lizzy’s b-day, on Thursday we set students a quest to come up with their best aristocratic hair and makeup looks. 

To help provide some inspiration and acknowledge some of the diverse period-fashion of rulers throughout the ages, as well as some quality viewing, we’ve compiled a list of looks from some of the most well-known royalty-based movies of all time…

The Princess Diaries (2001)

It would be treason to not kick-off this list with one of the most beloved princess films of our generation – The Princess Diaries. Both of the movie’s leading ladies; Anne Hathaway (as Mia Thermopolis and Princess of Genovia) and veteran queen-portrayer Julie Andrews (as Mia’s grandmother and reigning Queen of Genovia) have classic and timeless hair and makeup throughout the film.  To get there though, Mia has a makeover of royal proportions changing drastically from bushy-haired, overgrown brows and geeky attire to a stylish, modern beauty. Her transformation includes smoothing and styling her unruly curls, with a subtle smoky eye, blush and lippy.

Credit: Google Images

Shoutout to Mia’s stylist Paolo for his iconic scenes (you know the ones!)

Credit: Tumblr

Queen Clarisse also sports beautifully blow-dried elegant hair throughout the movie, proving you don’t have to have long hair to be a badass yet classy ruler.

Credit: Pinterest

King Arthur (2017)

In this 2017 depiction of the legendary figure King Arthur, leading actor Charlie Hunnam sports a sleek and masculine look for the role. Consisting of a slicked-back wet-look, medium length undercut with short back and sides and a ducktail beard – a full facial hair style that looks like a duck’s tail. This style is just as fitting for a king in medieval times as one in 2020.

Credit: Google Images

Elizabeth (1998), Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007) & Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

We’re cheating a little here with three movies in one, but each film captures the essence of Queen Elizabeth I. In Elizabeth (1998) and its 2007 sequel, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Cate Blanchett portrays a younger, then the older version of England’s last ruling Tudor. In Mary Queen of Scots, Margot Robbie plays the co-starring role. Elizabeth’s look is very easily recognisable due to her lavishly styled red hair (wigs were used in the film and in her time of ruling because of fleas and mites!) and, in later years, her ‘clown-like’ makeup.

Credit: Google Images

Fun fact: After miraculously recovering from smallpox, Elizabeth was left with scarring from the lesions. For a queen who greatly valued beauty, this caused Elizabeth to turn to what’s known as “Venetian ceruse”, a mixture of vinegar and lead which forms a white powder – although potentially fatal due to its poisonous lead ingredient. To top off her look, Elizabeth used bright red pigments on her lips and had her eyebrows plucked until they were thin and arched, creating the illusion of a high forehead.

Frozen (2013)

We couldn’t not include one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time in this list, which just so happens to be a movie about princesses. Disney’s Frozen exploded onto the scene in 2013 and inspired a generation of children to be Team Anna or Team Elsa. Both princesses of Arendelle display beautiful, regal hair.

Elsa’s most iconic look is a Dutch side braid, with volume at the top of the head. Her makeup (which you can find hundreds of tutorials of on YouTube) includes winged, black eyeliner, a smokey purple eye with a hint of sparkle and a soft pink lip.

Credit: Disney

As for her sister Anna, her hairstyles vary, including simple 3 strand braids to more complicated updos. Anna’s makeup is much more subtle, including some rosy cheeks and lipstick (if you’re going for this look, why not try some faux-freckles)?

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Servilles Academy programmes give learners the fundamental skills and knowledge to create beautiful hair and makeup and classic men’s barber styles.  From Character creation and occasion makeup including wig work in our Makeup programmes (Makeup and Skincare Level 3 and Makeup Artistry Level 4) to fundamental and fashion styling, long hair, colour, setting and cutting in our Hairdressing programmes (Salon Support and Emerging Stylist) to sophisticated men’s clipper and scissor cuts and beards and moustaches in our Barber Skills (level 3) programme.

We’re looking forward to seeing your creations!