Emily in Paris in Green jacket

Shows That Perfected Hair and Makeup Looks in 2020

This year you’ve probably watched more TV than you have in your lifetime to date (don’t worry, no judgement here!). In 2020 there has been some incredible series to binge through during lockdowns, some achieving record-breaking viewership and bringing much-deserved attention to the shows’ costumes, hair and makeup. So without further ado, here are some of our fave looks from some of this year’s biggest shows.

Emily – Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris graced our screens in 2020 and we can’t deny we were a little obsessed. The outfits, the hair, the makeup, the outfits, the food, the scenery, the outfits – did we mention the outfits? Starring Lily Collins as the title character, Emily in Paris is full of vibrant designer clothing and some elegant hair and makeup looks. For her makeup, Parisian makeup artist Aurélie Payen wanted to incorporate French-girl beauty into Emily’s look: “As Emily began to discover Paris and all the possibilities she had in fulfilling her dreams, the evolution of her make-up and style reflected those changes. First, she was already very feminine and had a sense of perfection. Naturally, as she spent more time in Paris, she became a bit more sophisticated and her makeup was also a bit more intense.”(Mashable).

Emily (making waves) in Paris. Credit: Vulture

As for her hair, from her everyday wavy locks, to her ballet look (that updo, red-lip pairing?!) we can’t get enough of Emily’s head-to-toe style.

Beauty at the ballet. Credit: Refinery29

Diana – The Crown

Royal fans or not, people went crazy to see Emma Corrin’s depiction of the late Diana, Princess of Wales in the latest season of The Crown. The show is renowned for its incredible replication of real-life looks of the royals – and this season they definitely didn’t disappoint.

Spot the difference – Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor as Charles and Diana. Credit: Elle

Lead makeup and hair designer of the show, Cate Hall, reportedly spent months collecting photo research in order to perfect Diana’s pre and post royal wedding looks. Wigs were used in order to depict the transition from a spritely teen, to the glamorous princess. “Her wigs throughout the season all have precisely the same ‘Diana cut’ but vary in colour and styling, becoming progressively blonder and more glamorous [and] voluminous.” (PopSugar).

Glamorous Diana. Credit: Forbes

Everyone – Euphoria

Okay… So Euphoria is technically not a 2020 show (released in June 2019), but its popularity has been talk of the town, shooting the shows main cast into stardom. It’s colourful and rhinestone-clad makeup looks have taken over Pinterest (and surely to be the go-to inspo for festivals this summer). The mind behind these iconic looks is the show’s lead makeup artist, Doniella Davy.

Some of the looks from Euphoria. Credit: Huda Beauty

Speaking to Vulture, Davy said, “Gen Z is completely redesigning what makeup can and should be used to do. They’re using it to challenge beauty and makeup norms, to redefine what makeup is. They’re using it to challenge stereotypical gender identities. It’s definitely not just about like being pretty or using makeup in a corrective manner. There’s so much cheekiness involved. There’s so much irony and playfulness.” Yep – we’re a little obsessed.

Beth – The Queen’s Gambit

Last, but certainly not least, is Beth Harmon from the record-breaking Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit. Portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy, Beth is the lead character who goes from troubled orphan, to world chess champion – with a lot of drama along the way. Set in the 50s and 60s, Beth’s style transitions seamlessly throughout the show, taking her from dorky-teen to sophisticated women.  Led by hair and makeup designer Daniel Parker, the show perfectly recreates looks which a) were accurate to that period and 2) show growth in Beth’s character. From the red hair, to the 60s waves, red lips and winged-liner, we can’t get enough!

Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth in The Queens Gambit. Credit: Phil Bray/Netflix