Young lady with blonde bob wears face mask

A Guide to Healthy Skin and How to Mask-Proof your Makeup

Face masks are the new normal and have quickly become a fashion staple, whilst also acting as a vital step in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Okay, so maybe they’re not the most comfortable or convenient, but a bit of smudged foundation and tweaking your skincare routine is a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. Thinking about an additional set of considerations for your winter skincare regime may seem like a daunting prospect, but have no fear: here are some simple tips to help battle those pesky side-effects.


One expert tip is to stay clear of heavy-duty exfoliants and thick creams. Although these products may work for you on the regular,  these products can exacerbate congestion – especially when covered with a mask. Opt for a gentle cleanser, hydrating toner and sunscreen. Choosing formulas with skin-soothing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe and niacinamide are also recommended. Top tip: Wait a few minutes before popping on your mask to ensure products have absorbed into your skin.


So you know what to do before putting on your mask, but what about after? Whether you’ve worn it for a short period of time or all day, ensuring you take care of your skin once you’ve taken off your face covering is just as important. Your skin has been trapped beneath a layer of fabric which you’ve been breathing into for however long, with barely any exposure to fresh air – in other words, the skin on the lower half of your face is probably a bit grotty. Grab a gentle cleanser and thoroughly clear away any residue or debris from the day. If you’re prone to breakouts (or the newly coined term ‘mask-ne’), adding a bit of benzoyl peroxide is a great way to target unwanted pimples or blemishes. Top tip: Applying a cool towel or a bag of frozen peas after cleansing will help minimise redness or irritation after a day of being covered up.


Maybe not what you want to hear, but during this time it’s highly recommended to skip this step in your makeup routine. More so than usual, foundation will clog your pores beneath the mask (increasing chances of unwanted breakouts and a breeding ground for bacteria). Besides, your foundation will smudge throughout the day anyway as well as staining your mask, making it more difficult to clean. If you really feel the need to wear foundation, opt for lighter coverage or powder foundation. Top tip: If you find your skin getting oily, keep a pack of blotting papers in your handbag.


Okay, so now you know how to care for your skin, but there’s another party in this new routine of yours – your mask(s)! To keep your face covering as effective and hygienic as possible, ensure to wash it after each use. To wash your fabric mask (remember, paper masks are for one-use only), use warm water and fragrance-free detergent. Wearing a damp mask is a big no-no as bacteria will thrive in the damp, warm conditions. Top tip: Get yourself a few masks to give yourself time to wash (and dry) them between uses.

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