Hairdressing students Ashleigh and Leane

Student Testimonials: Ashleigh and Leané

Introducing Ashleigh and Leané , who are studying Hairdressing – Salon Support (Level 3) at Servilles Academy. Though both from South Africa, Leané enrolled into the academy as an international student. We sat down with them to talk about their passion for hairdressing and why you should take the leap into the hair industry. Head to our YouTube channel to watch the full clip!


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Leané: Hi I’m Leané

Ashleigh: And I’m Ashleigh, and we’re studying Hairdressing – Level 3 at Servilles Academy.

What’s your favourite thing about the academy?

L: For me, it’s just learning new things and being here is special at this academy. Because the environment is so nice, you like learning new things, you like the feedback and just all the people and the tutors.

A: Everyone’s so supportive.

L: Yeah everyone’s so supportive, and everyone’s so friendly. Everybody’s so nice. You like being here and you like learning new things which makes the whole experience of learning hairdressing so nice. So yeah that’s my favourite part.

Can you tell us what it’s like being an international student?

L: For me being an international student, you would think that it’s complicated and difficult but it’s really not. The support system you get here and the people helping you to get in and giving you advice on what to do. There’s so much advice. I mean *looking at Ashleigh* you’re not an international student, but she’s also from South Africa. They just make it so easy, they give you so much help. The whole process was actually so easy. I said the other day, and I’m not just saying it but I’ve never been this happy. I just enjoy so much coming here, and the people. But really it’s amazing and it’s so different from back home.

How do you think you’ve developed since studying here?

L: I think I’ve developed so much. Especially in blow-drying and all the things I never thought I’d be good at, because it kind of scares you. Like blowdrying was the one thing for me, and you just see yourself getting better. All the feedback the tutors give, it’s quite nice, they give nice criticism and good criticism, and you just feel good when doing these things.

What’s your advice for anyone interested in becoming a hairdresser?

A: Just do it, it’s so fun.

L: It’s so nice. It doesn’t feel like a job, it feels like you’re just doing something you love. We are passionate for it, so it’s not a job. It doesn’t feel like we’re studying as well. It feels like you’re coming here and just playing with hair.

A: There’s lots of different things to it as well. People just think it’s kinda just doing basic hair in a salon, but you can branch out and do different things. You can do fashion shows, photoshoots – all of those things we do do in the academy. So competition work, all of those sorts of things. There’s a lot of paths you can take within the industry. So it’s not boring, I don’t think it would ever get boring.