The Best Hair and Makeup Moments From FRIENDS

This week marks 25 years since the first episode of the acclaimed TV show FRIENDS graced our screens and filled our living rooms with claps to the iconic song “I’ll Be There For You”. The show not only gave us laughs, tears and some interesting sing-a-longs (we’re talking to you, Phoebe) it also provided us with some major style inspo. To celebrate the silver anniversary of this cult-classic sitcom, we’ve chosen some of the best hair and makeup looks from across the 10 seasons.


The One With The Scrunchie

Ah Phoebe Buffay, a singer, a masseuse, a blonde-mermaidy icon… Phoebe’s locks underwent a few different (and questionable) styles throughout the show’s duration, but always remained that beautiful blonde tone. Undoubtedly one of our favourite hairstyles from Pheebs featured the classic ‘90s velvet scrunchie, which she used to tie back her curly waves into a loose, side-pony… We are so here for it. (Photo credit: Grazia)


The Crocodile Clip

Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) donned many-a-hairstyle throughout the 236 episodes of FRIENDS. One of her many distinguished hairstyles included a number of updo’s with the use of a tort crocodile clip. From sleeker, more classic styles to effortless half-up ‘dos, Rachel made the humble crocodile clip work for any occasion. (Photo credit: Pinterest)


The Tribbiani

We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t have a cheeky soft-spot for 1990’s Matt Le Blanc as Joey Tribbiani. In Season 1, Joey sported a sexy, deep side part, starring some loose strands at the front of his hairline. A classic ‘90s trend for males of the time (think Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt), Joey rocked this style until the later seasons, where he dabbled with shorter locks and some spiked-up do’s… RIP. (Photo credit: Pinterest)


Green Goes Natural

The fashionista waitress, Rachel, cemented herself as a stylish it-girl of the ‘90s with her preppy and fashion-forward outfits, although her natural-looking makeup is totally underrated. Her go-to look generally featured natural shades of lipstick (browns and pinky nudes), a touch of mascara and a hint of blush. The best part of her look? It goes with EVERYTHING. (Photo credit: Getty)


Straight and Sleek

Monica’s hair transformed A LOT from the first season to the tenth (remember when she battled the Barbados humidity?). In Season 6, Monica moved away from her wispy fringe and shorter bob, to a darker, sleek “Rachel 2.0” style. This cut and colour is TIMELESS and paved a new era in Monica’s hair journey. (Photo credit: Netflix/Warner Bros)