This weekend at the hair flicks

This Weekend at the (Hair) Flicks

Get yourself a mug of Milo, a tray of home baking and get cosy with your bubble buddies this long weekend for a movie marathon! Check out our list of iconic hair and beauty films to keep yourself entertained this Easter…


Set in 1970s Beverly Hills, Shampoo (starring a young Goldie Hawn and newbie Carrie Fisher) is full of groovy hairstyles and swanky fashion choices.  This satirical comedy-drama film focuses on a successful and charismatic hairdresser, George Roundy, and the (many) relationships he acquires through his work on his quest to start his own salon

Edward Scissorhands

Perhaps one of the most well-known films to make this list, Edward Scissorhands is a 90s classic. I’m sure you hair students can relate to feeling like scissors are a permanent accessory! This movie has an iconic visual aesthetic, as well as some quirky and creative hairstyles and cuts.

Vidal Sassoon: The Movie

We’re sure you’ve heard of Vidal Sassoon, the British-American hairdresser and businessman credited for repopulating the bob haircut. This inspiring documentary-film follows Sassoon’s life and career, from poor beginnings to becoming a multi-millionaire pioneer within the hairdressing and fashion industries.


Hairspray is another popular movie which we highly recommend. Beehives and flicked-bobs are all the rage in this 60s-set comedy-musical. The production’s stylists and makeup artists have really captured the styles of the sixties, making it great reference material for your programme. Check out the original movie (1988) or the star-studded remake (2007), starring Zac Efron, Michelle Pfieffer, Amanda Bynes, Brittany Snow and Queen Latifah, to name a few.


Set in a barbershop in Chicago, Ice Cube stars as the main character, Calvin, who inherits a barbershop from his father, though struggles to keep it open with growing debts. He sells the shop, but realises that a barbershop is more than a workplace – it’s about the people and passion behind the trade. This film is the first instalment of the Barbershop franchise. 

Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop is a spin-off within the Barbershop franchise starring Queen Latifah (yes, again), Clueless’ Alicia Silverstone and actress and  L’Oreal spokeswoman, Andie MacDowell. The movie  revolves around Latifah’s character, Gina, and her hard work, dedication and struggles in making her name as a stylist and setting up her own salon to support her daughter through music school.