Tim Burton Inspired Halloween Hair and Makeup

Halloween Hair and Makeup ideas inspired by Tim Burton films.

Whether you’re staying home or heading to a Covid-friendly, ten people maximum outdoor party, try recreating some of the most iconic hair and makeup looks from Tim Burton’s film characters. 

Thanks to the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissor Hands, Beetlejuice, and countless others, Tim Burton has brought us an array of weirdly wonderful characters over the years. 

Tim Burton’s films are just as well known for their beautiful, award-winning, costumes as they are their dark undertones. Being such huge fans of these twisted tales, and the incredible wardrobe ideas that help them come to life on-screen, we can’t wait to dress up this 31 October and use our favourite Tim Burton characters as Halloween hair and makeup inspiration. 

Here’s 6 of our favourite hair and makeup looks to try from Burton’s most iconic film characters. 


Put your makeup and SFX skills to work with the scarring on Edward’s face, pair it with a wild wig and you’ll have the iconic look sorted!

(Edward Scissor Hands 1990)


This is the ultimate costume for a dynamic duo, as seen on The Weeknd and Bella Hadid. Go glam as Lydia or gore as Beetlejuice. These hair and makeup looks will require a lot of attention to detail but it is sure to be a show stopper.

(Beetlejuice, 1988)


The Corpse bride is the perfect opportunity to get super glam and spooky. Try a flowing veil and a blue wig with this look and bring this character to life with a pair of glamorous eyelashes and heavy makeup to exaggerate her big doe-eyes.

(Corpse Bride, 2005)


Wigs in Wonderland! This one is for our wig lovers… Whether it’s fluffy and unruly like the Mad Hatter, big and bold like the Queen of Hearts, or long and luscious like the White Queen; there’s something everyone. Finish it off by breaking out the face paint or colourful palette that never sees the light of day.

(Alice in Wonderland, 2010)


Looking for easy halloween looks? The golden ticket goes to Violet Beauregarde with a simple blonde wig with purple shadow or Willy himself with a brunette bob with a top hat! 

(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 2005)


Go classic with the iconic characters from Burton’s Batman. Have fun with face paint and iconic green hair for the Joker’s look – ideal for a last minute throw together costume. Alternatively Catwoman’s head piece might need a bit of crafting ahead of time but the classic smokey eye and red lip will complete this feline look!

(Batman, 1989 / Batman Returns, 1992)

Nothing is as iconic as the hair, makeup and SFX of Tim Burton’s characters. Transform yourself into Lydia from Beetlejuice, Edward from Edward Scissorhands, or The Corpse Bride from The Corpse Bride. One thing’s for sure: everyone at the party will definitely recognise who you are!

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