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Wellbeing Wednesday: Being Organised

Mess = stress, and we’re not just talking about physical clutter. For this month’s Wellbeing Wednesday, we’re highlighting some of the easy ways you can organise yourself and your time to help you feel more zen.


We’re kicking off this list with an obvious one: getting your priorities straight. This is the foundation skill for living a more organised life. Think about what makes you feel organised – what things have you achieved or done in the past that gave you the #nailedit feeling? Sometimes you’ll have to prioritise one thing over something else, so wherever you can, think about what’s most essential and try to think ahead.


Speaking of thinking ahead, do your future self a favour and be prepared in advance. For example, you may have forgotten you have an upcoming test or have an unexpected payment. For the former, add a reminder a week or so out from the test to remind yourself to study. Perhaps you could take photos of the workbook sections you need to revise for so you can do them on the go, such as a morning bus commute. As for the latter, keep aside some money for unforeseen expenses (such as a fine) so you’re not stressed out when those pesky situations crop up.


Write. Things. Down. This is such a simple yet important way to help keep yourself (and maybe others) organised! In between study, work, social events, coffee dates, rent payments and birthdays it can all get a bit crazy and you’re bound to forget something. All smart phones have an inbuilt diary feature (great for on the go) or go a level up and get yourself a diary to note things down.


You might find yourself faced with a task that feels a bit overwhelming – maybe its needing to talk to your power company, organising your Tupperware cupboard (we feel you on this one!) or applying for a student loan. Whatever it is you need to get done, break it down into segments or milestones to help the chore seem less daunting and more achievable.


Meal times are a super important element of our day, both in terms of scheduling tasks and getting to eat! Sometimes things can get busy and we don’t get time to cook or grab a meal on the go. If you find yourself with a free Sunday afternoon, use the time to batch cook some meals for the week so you can spend your evenings doing more of what you want to do.


Investing in some storage or your own organised system for items is a great way to ensure belongings are where you expect them to be. It could be something as simple as arranging the cards in your wallet for easy access or organising your bathroom cupboard into sections (hair products, makeup, medication, hot tools etc.). One great idea is to have a ‘launch area’ – a space where you keep your keys, wallet, umbrella and whatever else you need on the daily. It’s a great way to have the essentials ready to grab-and-go if you need to leave ASAP.