Wellbeing Wednesday Body Positivity

Wellbeing Wednesday: Body Positivity

Our Wellbeing Wednesday series is back for 2021! We started this series here on the academy blog during the first lockdown of 2020, but with an awesome response to the content, we’re continuing with it to help bring you some ideas, methods and platforms to help with mental health and general wellness.

In summer especially when we’re out and about with friends, there’s heightened anxiety about looking and feeling good. FOMO’s one thing – feeling bad and comparing ourselves to others is another thing entirely. So with that in mind, we’re looking at 7 Instagram influencers who radiate positive self and body image messaging. #InstagtamVsReality

Danae Mercer @danaemercer

As a former magazine editor, Danae knows all the tricks in the book when it comes to posing for a snap – and she’s not afraid to share these secrets with her incredible 2.1M strong fanbase. After being in the industry and seeing the affect (and effects!) that go into creating the ‘perfect image’, Danae made it her mission to educate people about loving their bodies and how photos aren’t always as they seem. Danae told Insider: “People don’t realize that what looks like a ‘casual’ photo or just chilled gym session is usually very posed, very styled, and very deliberate. And that’s OK — the posing is OK, the styling is OK, all that’s OK. But I think we need to be educated”. Danae doesn’t just focus on the visual either, she also relates body positivity to mental health, “We need to broaden our understanding of health beyond just the aesthetic and really look at what’s happening inside of us. Even on social media. Especially on social media.”

Izzie Rodgers @izzierodgers

Izzie’s account is focussed on her embracing her acne-prone skin and getting real with her 52k followers. Getting creative and having fun with her content, Izzie isn’t afraid to show-off her real self; un-filtered, un-edited and un-bothered by negative comments. Showing side-by-side ‘Instagram vs reality’ shots, we still think the real Izzie is absolutely stunning.

Tiffany Ima @tiffanyima

Tiffany’s Instagram is about ‘simple body confidence’. With a beautiful feed aesthetic, Tiffany likes to include mantras or body positivity statements on top of her images and uses the caption to further elaborate that theme. In nearly all of her images, Tiffany is smiling and looking comfortable AF in her skin!

Anna Reeve @annareeve_

NZ born Anna is has Alopecia Universalis (full body hair loss) and is open about her condition on her Insta account. Anna started modelling at 14 and said her condition “was [her] thing” as she “worked 99% of the time” without her wig”. As a mum of twins and a business owner and influencer, Anna does it all!

Joshua Wolrich @drjoshuawolrich

Although he’s not your ‘typical’ body-positivity Instagram influencer, Dr Josh utilises his medical know-how and life experiences for educating others. Joshua initially created his account for his weight loss journey, but his content has become a lot more than that. He now speaks out on health, weight loss myths and, more recently, your wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mik Zazon @mikzazon

For Mik, it’s all about loving the skin she’s in with the goal to #normalizenormalbodies. Getting real with her 812k followers, Mik (who is a health and fitness coach and former eating disorder sufferer) shares unedited snaps of herself and gets honest about her struggles with acne, body confidence and society’s perspective on the ‘perfect’ body. It’s not all about the images either, with Mik’s accompanying captions also offering advice, insight and support into this topic. Whilst Mik’s Instagram showcases some incredible content, her amazing website is also worth checking out: https://mikzazon.com/about

Megan Mansell @meganonair

Meg is a well-known radio broadcaster here in Auckland, NZ! Although her account isn’t strictly focussed on body positivity, both on air and online she discusses and shares her thoughts about this topic, alongside a variety of other topical subjects. Megan recently did a Bonds photoshoot, where she discusses her fears of posting the shots, but how she’s “learning to be kinder to myself – a little act so easy, I can do it in my undies! Give yourself time, patience and understanding like you would to a friend.”