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Hair Looks We Love by NZ Musicians

May is New Zealand Music Month, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to celebrate the event by highlighting some of our fave hair (and makeup) looks by some of Aotearoa’s best musical talent.


Lorde is known for her creative and alty attire, which she took in her stride for her 2014 collaboration with MAC Cosmetics. In the promo for the product release, the Grammy-winner worked with MAC Global Artist Kiekie Stanners, where she had her famous curls on display paired with winged liner and the aptly titled ‘Pure Heroine’ vampy lipstick shade. Lorde’s style has changed over the years, but she always stays true to her own style which we love.

Lorde | Credit: MAC Cosmetics
Lorde | Credit: Cosmopolitan


Stan Walker is the epitome of cool and his style follows suit. During the course of his career, Stan has played with a lot of different looks but recently, he’s grown out his usually shaved hair to don a platinum French crop we can’t get enough of! We hope this one sticks around for a while.

Stan Walker | Credit: Whitcoulls
Stan Walker | Credit:


Benee is the NZ it-girl making waves around the world with her TikTok-famous songs such as ‘Glitter’ and her trend-setting hair. In a similar fashion to Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa, in 2019 Benee’s section-coloured hair starting trending around the world. We’re obsessed with Benee’s way of balancing that cool on-trend pop look and her own quirky style.

Benee | Credit: Blogspot
Benee | Credit: Coup De Main


Next up, we have Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi, better known by his stage name Teeks. The singer is currently sporting a perfectly-styled short French crop (check out that fade!).

Teeks | Credit: Vman
Teeks | Credit: Sounz


In collaboration with Thievery, Ladi6 did an epic photoshoot showing off her colourful, fun style with a range of looks. We dig all of them, but a stand out is this high-pony moment. Featuring a bold teal strip (noticing a theme here?), the Masked Singer NZ judge’s sleek pony works perfectly with her solid fringe and matching blue outfit.

Ladi6 | Credit: Thievery
Ladi6 | Credit: NZ Herald


Mullets are back and who better to rock the throwback style than Marlon Williams?! The Christchurch-born musician is known for his stylish, James Dean-esque outfits and previously sported a slicked-back do mirroring the iconic Hollywood legend – a look we’re also a little in love with!

Marlon Williams | Credit: Karen Walker
Marlon Williams | Credit: LastFM


Rounding off the list we have Kimbra, who has come back into the spotlight as the main judge on TV2’s Popstar. The ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ singer has been known for her heavy-fringe in past years, but since coming back into the public eye, Kimbra is now sporting a lighter toned, shaggy cut. We love this new ‘do, especially in the promo shots for the show, where she’s rocking a taupe lip and winged-liner.

Kimbra | Credit: Fashionz
Kimbra | Credit: KimbraMusic