The STAR Programme is a 4-day course designed as an introduction to hairdressing; it offers an opportunity for the student to achieve 13 credits within the hairdressing domain, while getting a taste of hairdressing as a career pathway.

The STAR Programme is designed to precede the Gateway Programme. A student that successfully completes the STAR Programme will staircase exceptionally well into the provider/work-based Gateway Programme, onto our government funded Youth Training Programme or onto our New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing – Salon Support (Level 3).

The programme will deliver topics that are interesting, fun, and relevant. The topics to be delivered will have a high practical component attached to them, through learning connections, model building, creative experiences and hands on hair work.


Intake Start Finish
Term 1 15th April 2019  18th April 2019
Term 2 16th July 2019 19th July 2019
Term 3 8th September 2019 11th September 2019


9.30am to 3.00pm


Servilles Academy, 8 Canada Street, Newton,
Auckland, 1010


For more information on STAR and Gateway programmes, contact the Gateway Co-ordinator or Careers Advisor at your school or get in touch with our Student Compliance Manager, Donna Allen on 09 308 0688 (