2020 Hair Trend Predictions

New year, new ‘do? The OG ‘20s were full of glitz, glam and new styles, so we’re sure 2020 will be just as iconic. These are our predictions for hairstyles for the year ahead…


Shag Bangs

Scared to cut off your locks but want to change it up? Introducing shag bangs – the 70s inspired fringe. This freshly revived style looks great with a range of cuts and styles and is a way to easily switch up your look. Still too much of a commitment? Try clip-in bangs!

Alexis Chung (Photo credit: Pinterest)
Selena Gomez (Photo credit: Cosmopolitan)



It’s not just shag fringes which have remerged from this era – mullets and layered styles are also making a reappearance! A leader of this trend is Miley Cyrus, who debuted her take on a mullet last week. Not sure if you should go for a subtle bit of layering or a dramatic mullet cut? Take it to the level which suits you best and have fun with it.

Miley Cyrus (Photo credit: @MileyCyrus Instagram)
Halsey (Photo credit: PopSugar)
(Photo credit: Pinterest)



We spoke about bobs making a return late last year, but it’s definitely a trend that hasn’t slowed down! There are numerous A-listers who have jumped on this bob bandwagon, many of whom have been subtly shortening their lengths for a few months (@KaiaGerber). What’s great about this style is that you can still wear it how you want – go straight and sleek or let your natural waves do their thing!

Lucy Hale (Photo credit: StealHerStyle)
Karlie Kloss (Photo credit: Instagram)


Modern Pageboy / Pixie Cuts

Speaking of Kaia Gerber, the model debuted her short bob cut earlier last year, although she’s now rocking a cute pixie ‘do. The change didn’t happen overnight, and perhaps for good reason – let yourself experiment with progressively getting shorter if you’re not prepared to dive straight into an intense change. These cuts are also great for summer, enabling you to stay cooler and giving you more time to have fun in the sun instead of tackling beach hair.

This trend was in full view at the weekend with actresses Michelle Williams, Charlize Theron and Zoe Kravitz all sporting shorter locks.

Charlize Theron (Photo credit: Town and Country)
Zoe Kravitz (Photo credit: Hello Magazine)
Kaia Gerber (Photo credit: Instagram)



Put down the straighteners… Curls are back IN! 2020s trends are all about texture and curls are effortless way to achieve it. Whether you’re blessed with naturally wavy hair or need a bit of help, there’s not a better time to experiment with adding some volume into your hair.

(Photo credit: Instagram)



Hair accessories were BIG in 2019 and this year looks to carry on the trend. Scrunchies, barrettes, headbands and silk scarfs will likely remain major players in this field for 2020, with some new additions to the game maybe?

(Photo credit: ZARA)
(Photo credit: ZARA)


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