Makeup and Skincare Myths and Tips

Looking after your skin is an essential but often overlooked aspect of our wellbeing routines. At this time of year when your skin is recovering from the winter months, its important to take care of your skin, particularly if you’re a makeup-wearer or finding yourself outdoors more often. Our Makeup Tutor Jordan Jensen gives us a rundown on her current go-to products and offers up five vital and myth-busting tips on skincare:

I’m ALL about the skincare. As much fun as makeup is, it can cause wear and tear on the skin – nobody wants that! To keep my skin fresh I use a ton of oils in my skincare routine. There used to be a huge myth that oils promote oil production but that simply isn’t true! Keeping the skin properly hydrated helps to cut oil production. Hydration is the key to glowing, dewy skin!

My holy grail cleanser is Clinique’s Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. It’s a balm to oil cleanser, it removes all the makeup, oils, SPF and any other pollutants but never strips my skin or leaves it feeling dry – a rare combo!  Lately I’ve been double cleansing (a huge skincare trend that became super popular in Korea) and actually loving it. My skin has been looking brighter and bouncier since.

There are so many oil-based hydrators on the market that it’ll only take a bit of research to find the right match. I actually love The Ordinary range (available at Farmers now). They offer quality products without a ridiculous price tag, so hard to find in the industry (and in NZ). The attainable price tag allows products to be paired up and layered together. I’ve been using their argan oil as my moisturizer for years and it’s to die for. It performs almost identical to similar products on the market that cost six times as much! My skin looks super radiant after using argan oil. Just be sure to allow the skin enough time to fully absorb it when applying makeup over top – a common mistake new makeup artists and influencers make!

Level 4 makeup tutor Jordan

Jordan’s Top Tips:

  • Nobody is too young to start using an eye cream.  Eyes are the first part of our faces that shows the signs of aging! Eye creams should be a staple in every skincare routine. The skin around the eye area is thin and delicate so it’s important to use products that are specifically designed for it. Aim for hydrating products in your late teens/early 20’s or caffeinated products if you’re wanting to help promote circulation.
  • Wear SPF all year round. I know – it’s age old advice but still, it’s so true! Whether the sun is out or not, pesky AVA/AVB rays are still present and damaging the skin. According to the Canadian Dermatology Association the sun can be responsible for up to 90% of our signs of ageing. Auckland weather is so unpredictable so I’ve gotten in the habit of carrying SPF in my handbag so I can easily reapply throughout the day.
  • Oily skin needs moisturizer too. A simple way to explain oily skin is it’s over producing sebum (fancy term for oil) because it’s dehydrated and trying to rehydrate itself – mind blowing isn’t it? Best way to combat oily skin is to give it what it craves, hydration! Opt for lightweight textures as to not overwhelm the skin.
  • Cleansing the skin is not an overrated step, especially in the evenings before going to bed. That’s the best time to remove all the makeup and oil from the skin. Going to bed with makeup on can clog the pores and cause breakouts. Even worse, all the fancy skincare you might be applying can’t work as effectively if those pores are clogged. Yikes!
  • Keep in mind the price tag isn’t always a reflection of quality. This is especially true for makeup. You can have the most expensive brushes or products on the market but they’ll only work as well as the person using them.

In our Makeup & Skincare programme, you’ll learn all about skin types, skin conditions and skincare services. Understanding skin and knowing how to care for it is a vital building block in providing the best makeup services possible. Along with skincare knowledge, you’ll learn a range of makeup techniques – from fundamental skills, to more in-depth, finished looks. You’ll get the opportunity to work on an assortment of shows, photoshoots and events, whilst being able to grow your portfolio.

After completion of the 20-week makeup course, you can dive into our Level 4 Makeup Artistry programme, where you’ll be able to use your existing knowledge to work on more comprehensive makeup services, lashes, brows services, hairstyling and more.

Our last intake for Makeup & Skincare is 26th November. Call us on 0800 SERVILLES (09 308 0690) or book a tour below.