Nicholas Langman Servilles Academy Black And White makeup artist-tutor

Our People: Nicholas Langman

Nick is one of our makeup tutors here at Servilles Academy, teaching our Makeup and Skincare (Level 3) classes. Like many in our Our People series, Nick was once a student at the academy himself, although it wasn’t makeup he studied – it was hairdressing. Nick got into the industry as he was “never very academic and was always fidgeting in class”, admitting that he’s always been a little obsessed with beauty.

Nick attended the academy in 2010/2011 and was then employed at an Auckland salon. It was there where he discovered a passion for makeup, after his boss encouraged him to begin learning the art. With just a small personal kit and no professional training, clients’ response to his work was positive, so Nick decided to pursue the path further. He studied a Level 5 makeup programme, although went back to working as a stylist. However, missing the joy of makeup and feeling like he wasn’t utilising the qualification he’d earnt, Nick returned to makeup school, completing two more courses.

Following graduation, Nick was offered a position at MAC Cosmetics, where he worked for 4 and a half years. At MAC, Nick loved the teaching aspect of the industry, so when the opportunity for a Makeup Tutor at Servilles Academy arose, it was the perfect role.

In class, Nick likes to “keep it real” and create an interactive, fun learning environment. “If I’ve made people laugh, I know I’ve done my job. I don’t have the stern ‘matron’ approach.” Nick appreciates that every student has to start somewhere and understands how it feels, having been there himself. His favourite aspect about teaching is being able to pass on knowledge about something he’s passionate about and seeing students’ eyes light up.

“It’s a hugely rewarding job. Knowing these students are the next generation of makeup artists and you’ve been part of that is really neat.”