Our People: Yin Ya Shi

Yin is part of our makeup tutoring team and teaches in our Level 3 (Makeup and Skincare) and Level 4 (Makeup Artistry) programmes.

Yin found her way into the world of makeup almost accidentally. She started as a fashion student at university, although decided to look for a career in a related industry, as she discovered her passion didn’t sit in that particular sector.

Following completion of a makeup course, Yin worked at MAC Cosmetics for 5 years and made her way from an artist up to management. During that time she participated in a range of shows and photoshoots, including directing Ryan Turner’s show at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2018 with the Mac Pro Team. (Coincidentally, Servilles hairdressing students did the hair for that particular show).

Both as a makeup artist and a tutor, Yin loves giving people confidence, which in turn makes her feel successful when she’s made a difference to someone’s day. Her specialties lie in fashion editorial makeup and being able to simplify a complex look.

Yin says she enjoys teaching because she wants to inspire others and show students what a great career makeup is. Whilst tutoring, Yin takes on a hands-on approach by incorporating games and activities to create fun and personalised lessons for the students.

In terms of growth in the makeup industry, Yin notes that there’s so many more brands and products out there now. “10 years ago, not many people got their makeup done in-store – now it’s completely normal. New Zealand’s makeup industry has grown so much over the last two or three years – it’s crazy.”

One of the things Yin has noticed since becoming a tutor is the variety of products (by MAC) in our student makeup kits, admitting, “Student kits have so many products now that I wish I had!”