Servilles Academy students pose with orange border

TBC: Servilles Academy Photoshoot

These are the learners of Servilles Academy.

They are driven, bold, creatives eager to learn and better themselves. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds, places, cultures, viewpoints and values. They are following their dreams and passions, sometimes against their families wishes.

As training providers we often focus on the achievements of graduates; their wins once in the industry. This is, of course, a reason to celebrate, but why not celebrate our students when they are still ours? Students are at the beginning of their journey into the hair, barbering and makeup industries, which inspired the shoot title ‘TBC’. In other words, these creatives are starting out, with their career pathways yet ‘to be confirmed’ and their journeys ‘to be continued’. 

The whole crew!

On 21st September we did something a little different… A creative day/photoshoot with our students and tutoring team. In a year where we’ve been so separated, it was a great opportunity to get together and do something hands-on and collaborative. 

Our students and the academy team are a talented bunch and we had an absolute blast getting creative, getting dressed up and getting some new content for our community and the wider industry to enjoy. 

Portia and Sione

Creative industries are as diverse as the people in them, with a wide range of career options and opportunities. A qualification in hairdressing/barbering doesn’t limit students to a salon/shop environment, likewise, a makeup qualification doesn’t restrict graduates to counter-work. Pathways within these creative trades include session styling, platform artistry, education, sales, management, business ownership and freelance work – both in New Zealand and internationally.

Globally, the landscape is changing. The shift to “real” has been simmering for a while but 2020 with all its craziness has given real the push it so needed. We decided real is the way forward for the academy and we want to showcase our learners with their own creative direction and highlight their individuality. Although we had some pre-planned hairstyles and makeup looks, on the day it was all about the students making it their own; wearing the clothes they felt like themselves in and adapting their looks to what made them feel good. You could say the plan was to have a plan that was completely fluid, enabling no limitations to creativity and not getting stuck on forming a shoot that was coordinated too heavily.

Portia and Ashley
Shoutout to our amazing students BTS!

We hope you like this first drop of shots! Keep an eye out for the release of more photos, content and videos coming soon

“It was such an awesome experience being a part of a unique experience. I enjoyed the energy and [I gained] confidence, modelling skills and how to work well with others.” – Portia

“It was cool to see a shoot from the model’s perspective instead of an MUA perspective. It was a great environment to spend the day in.” – Holly

“As a model, I felt super pampered having my hair and makeup done throughout the day. Everyone was very efficient and it was a super fun day. It was great to get to know students from other classes and have some fun together in a relaxed environment. I also enjoyed getting to know staff from other areas of Servilles that I hadn’t had a chance to talk to before. I had a blast. Can’t wait to see the finished product.” – Ashley