What's the Point of a Makeup Qualification?

We live in a digital era where you can jump online and learn about almost any topic – and makeup is no different. The beauty community on YouTube is booming, with makeup gurus attaining millions of views from subscribers who are entertained and educated through tutorials and makeup challenges. If you have a passion for makeup and want to turn it into a career, there are online makeup courses you can do, or maybe you want to learn on the job at a beauty counter? If you can teach yourself or learn on the job, what’s the point of a makeup qualification?

We put this question to MA3 (our Level 4 Makeup Artistry class), who came back with some insightful feedback as to why they chose to do a practical makeup qualification…

“Having a makeup qualification offers credibility”

Having a NZQA recognised makeup qualification means you’ve achieved the approved government standard for being a professional MUA. Once you graduate and enter the industry, you’ll discover that employers will almost certainly hire a certified makeup artist over a non-certified one. Having a qualification proves you’ve learnt a variety of in-depth theory and makeup skills, opposed to someone who may just be very talented with their work.

Makeup student applies makeup at workshop

“Learn more than makeup techniques”

As noted above, completing a makeup course means you’ve been taught more than makeup application. In our Level 3 Makeup & Skincare programme, you’ll learn; knowledge of tools, safe operating procedures, understanding of face structures, skin types, skin conditions and other anatomy topics. Having understanding and respect of health and safety procedures plays a big part in succeeding as a professional and reputable MUA.

In our Level 4 Makeup Artistry programme, you’ll learn a deeper understanding of makeup techniques for fashion and film, but also beautician skills such as tanning, lash and brow services, hairstyling and nail art. For this, you’ll need expert guidance along the way and people to practice on – not something you’ll get easily with an online programme.

“Receive mentorship from qualified, experienced professionals”

Learning from qualified and experienced tutors in a fun, practical learning environment is the best way to learn the craft. Our tutors come from all parts of the world, each bringing their own experiences and knowledge to the table. The beauty industry is broad, so having tutors who have worked in various areas of the industry enables you to gain a wider knowledge of where you can go following your programme completion.

(If you want to read more on this, check out our ‘How To Become a Makeup Artist’ guide, as well as our ‘meet the team’ articles on two of our makeup tutors, Nick and Yin.)

Makeup Student Tylah applies makeup

“Begin networking for the industry”

Networking is a biggie in the makeup game. At the academy, you’ll get a chance to work on an assortment of exciting external events and projects with varying briefs. In the past, makeup students have worked on music videos (most notably, on set of Ciara’s ‘Level Up’ video), theatre productions, TV series, photoshoots, New Zealand Fashion Week and more. Through these experiences, you’ll get the chance to connect with people that can open up a world of opportunities later down the track.

“Experience of work without the pressure of a counter”

Our makeup students work on each other and real clientele, but with the time and supervision which takes the pressure off. Being able to take their time, learn from mistakes and receive feedback enables students to learn and develop their techniques, without the stress of paying customers and restrictions like they would on a counter.

“Learning that makeup isn’t ‘one size fits all’”

One of the most important reasons for opting to do a practical makeup course is learning that one size doesn’t fit all. As part of the qualification’s requirements, students must learn to do makeup on a range of different clients of varying ages, skin tones and face-shapes, preparing them for different scenarios and clientele in real life.

Makeup Students work on Charity show at Sky City

If you’re interested in gaining a NZQA recognised certification in makeup, apply today! We offer Level 3 (NZ Certificate in Makeup & Skincare) and Level 4 (NZ Certificate in Makeup Artistry) programmes. To find out more, give us a call on 0800 SERVILLES, email or book a tour below.