Makeup student puts orange eyeshadow on young woman

In-House Comps: March 2020

Our bi-annual In-House Competitions are always a highlight for students and academy staff alike. On Friday 6th March, we held our first comp of 2020 and the work and participation was phenomenal. Our students, many of whom entered numerous hair, barbering and makeup categories, generated lots of creative energy, but don’t let that fool you – there was plenty of hard work and stress that came with partaking! Some students had been prepping their looks for weeks; researching, creating headpieces and perfecting their techniques to ensure they killed it on the day. It was especially inspiring to see some of our newest students taking the leap and entering different events (some of whom had only been with us 4 days!).

This time around, we had a professional photographer and videographer capturing the behind-the-scenes action and the finished looks. It was fantastic to see everyone having a fun time whilst remaining professional and concentrated on their looks.

Check out our comps video here!

As always, we hosted external judges for the competition. Thanks to Glenn and Stacey (former academy hairdressing tutors), Carla (MAC Britomart Assistant Manager and MAC Pro Team member) and Eden (Barbershop Co. Manager and former barber student, from the academy’s first barbering course) for coming along and spending your time assessing the comps. During the much-anticipated prize giving at the end of the day, our judges gave some insightful feedback and were blown away by some of the work produced on the day, stating:

“Today we had a few tough decisions. Your imagination and creativity came through in your work. With some of the looks, we were thinking “how did they do that!?” – Glenn

“So many cool ideas – things we would’ve never thought of. The barbers did an amazing job today.”  – Eden

“I want to say how amazing you all did, it was definitely a challenge picking 1st, 2nd and 3rd – there was a lot of effort put into your looks and we could see that.” – Carla

We’d like to give our thanks and appreciation to all those who helped organise and participated in such an inspiring and fun day, including our academy team, judges, prize sponsors and of course, our students. Head to our Instagram to see the action from the day (highlight reel ‘Comps 2020’).

Congratulations to all of our winners on the day and all those who entered! Check out the placings below…



Female Creative Shape (Emerging Stylist)

1st – Chelsey Batchelor

Highly Commended – Samira Farajniahamedani

Creative Day Wear (Emerging Stylist)

1st – Ashleigh Pearce

Highly Commended – Anita Marshall

Creative Hair-Up (Emerging Stylist)

1st – Ashleigh Pearce

2nd – Samira Farajniahamedani

Colour of the Day (Emerging Stylist)

1st – Leane van Maarleveld

2nd – Chelsey Batchelor

3rd – Anita Marshall

Highly Commended – Sunghoon ‘David’ Park

Creative Female Shape (Salon Support)

1st – Eunmi ‘Edith’ Kang

2nd – Mahra Robson

Highly Commended – Ved Parkash

Editorial (Salon Support)

1st – Eunmi ‘Edith’ Kang

2nd – Christina Stinson

Creative Day Wear (Salon Support)

1st – Eunmi ‘Edith’ Kang

2nd – Ashleigh Griffin

Creative Hair-Up (Salon Support)

1st – Eunmi ‘Edith’ Kang

2nd – Christina Stinson

Highly Commended – Mahra Robson

Fashion Hair-Up (Mannequin Event) (Salon Support)

1st – Jack Taylor

2nd – Rose Shoshara

Highly Commended – Sonia Kashyap

Colour of the Day (Salon Support)

1st – Eunmi ‘Edith’ Kang

2nd – Lauren Bird

3rd – Jashandeep Kaur

Highly Commended – Sharntae Edmonds

Most Consistent of the Day – Eunmi ‘Edith’ Kang

“This person stood out consistently throughout the day. The cuts, finishing, detailing – it was all beautiful and professional. Congratulations.” – Glenn


Mens’ Street Wear

1st – Kaia Moana

2nd – M Atif ‘Sunny’ Bhatti

3rd – Calloway Shortland-Witehira

Highly Commended – Christie Taurau


1st – Jesse-Lee Cullen

2nd – Caleb John

Highly Commended – Christie Taurau


Industry Makeup Award – Penina Corcoran

High Fashion Editorial

1st – Madison Gregory

2nd – Tylah Grannis

3rd – Taz Johar

Highly Commended – Shania Matich

Avant-Garde Catwalk

1st – Maia Sainty-Pene

2nd – Tylah Grannis

3rd – Amelia Pond

Highly Commended – Taz Johar

Red Carpet Glam

1st – Maia Sainty-Pene

2nd – Madison Gregory

3rd – Zhiting ‘Eloise’ Chen

Highly Commended – Kristen Fraser

Overall Makeup Winner – Maia Sainty-Pene

“This person thought out the box with every look they did. It was amazing.” – Carla