Makeup student Tylah gives testimonial

Student Testimonials: Tylah

Introducing Tylah, who is currently studying Makeup and Skincare (Level 3) at Servilles Academy. To see her Q&A video on her time at the academy and why makeup drives her, click here!

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Hi my name is Tylah, I am currently studying level 3 Makeup and Skincare at Servilles Academy.

Why did you choose to study makeup at Servilles Academy?

Because Servilles Academy offers a lot of options for the students. They are known internationally, and they’re a very well-developed academy throughout New Zealand and Australia. What they offer to students was really really good in terms of what I could learn as a makeup artist and what I can take out into the industry.

What do you enjoy most about makeup?

I find makeup a way that I can express myself through using different colours, different textures. Being able to play around and express who I truly am through makeup is what I like about it.

What’s your favourite thing about the academy?

The way that the teachers really help you develop your skills. Even if they know that you’re struggling with something, they’ll be able to push you to a certain point where you feel more comfortable within a certain section and help you push yourself.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

Hopefully with my own freelancing business. I would like to work part-time you know for a counter but my ideal would be to work on weddings and balls with my own freelancing business.

What’s your advice for anyone interested in becoming a makeup artist?

Just go for it. Makeup is something you can express yourself through. And if you’re afraid, it’s a really really good way to put your feelings out there through makeup.