Wellbeing Wednesday - Scents

Wellbeing Wednesday: Scents

Scent is one of the most powerful senses, enabling us to recall memories and trigger an array of different emotions. Research suggests that we’re 100 times more likely to remember something we smell, above something we touch, hear or see. For this week’s Wellbeing Wednesday, we’re diving into different scents and their ability to help improve mood, sleep, stress levels, productivity and anxiety.

“Research has shown that fragrances have significant measurable effects on mood, particularly eight major factors: irritation, stress, depression, apathy, happiness, sensuality, relaxation and stimulation. Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology found that the scent of coffee alone may help people focus and perform better. A Japanese company found that diffusing a lemon scent increased its employees’ productivity by 54 percent… Basically, fragrance is emotional. And we should not be surprised if aroma starts being used everywhere, even in the workplace, to promote productivity.” (Credit: https://edit.sundayriley.com/neuroscience-of-scent/)


Used aromatically – whether that be a fragrant candle or the essence in cake or cookies, vanillin (the main component in vanilla) has been proved to effectively assist in uplifting mood and de-stressing. Bring this aroma into your life through a scented candle, lighting incense or as a body mist.

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Lavender has been used for centuries for a variety of aromatherapy treatments, although most predominantly, as an ingredient (or alone) as a way of encouraging sleep and calmness. Introduce lavender into your routine by dropping some essential oil or an infused bath-bomb into your bath or keep a lavender sack next to your bed to encourage peacefulness. 

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The smell of mandarin is an all-rounder; it arouses energy, but also calmness, as well as evoking a sense of cleanliness and improving concentration. This fruity, zesty scent can be found in a lot of products, including the Let It Go hair mask from Davines. A member of The Circle Chronicles hair mask range, this mask includes ingredients with many benefits for your mood and hair-health “Brahmi oil energizes and re-hydrates, and sweet orange essential oil helps to relax the mind. Together, these ingredients give stressed hair a boost of hydration.”. The Let It Go can be purchased at Servilles Academy Salon or at any of the three Servilles salons.  

let it go circle hair mask


Known for its association with romance and femininity, the aroma of rose has been proven to act as an instant mood-lifter by reducing feelings of stress and sadness. Invite this sweet-smelling scent into your life with fragranced candles (such as the Love Ambience Candle from Davines) and skincare products.

Davines ambience candle
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Chamomile is the common name for daisy-like plants in the Asteraceae family of which two of the species are often used to make herbal infusions for traditional medicine (most notably chamomile tea). Studies show that there are a handful of physical and mental health benefits to chamomile, such as improving the quality of sleep and promoting good digestive health. Chamomile tea is a great alternative to caffeine-based teas or green tea and is a great beverage to have before bed.

chamomile tea
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Peppermint is a great scent/ingredient to be used during brainstorming sessions, as it has been shown to invigorate the mind. With a fresh, minty scent, peppermint is great in tea or as an essential oil (which can be used in the bath, personal hygiene products or as the scent in a diffuser in your home).

peppermint plant
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