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Where A Makeup Course Can Take You

Having a qualification in makeup can lead you down a variety of exciting and diverse career pathways. At Servilles Academy, we offer two makeup courses:

These programmes are designed to enable employment after graduation, but completing both certifications means you’ll have a more well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of makeup, beauty, customer service and business. So, the real question is, where can a makeup course take you? We chatted with our makeup tutors Nick and Alice to discuss some of the roles you might find yourself in in the future.


After finishing the level 3 programme, you’ll have the skills needed to work on a makeup counter. We have graduates who have gone on to work for some awesome brands including MAC, Benefit and Shisedo. Working on a counter helps you gain a multitude of skills including customer service, product knowledge and of course, makeup skills.  “Counter work can also open up a lot of opportunities for you, such as celebrity makeup and fashion shows,” Alice says, “At Bobbi Brown I was liaising with head makeup artists from TV and film sets – you gain a lot of close connections with different artists and get to work on a range of clients which helps build your confidence.” Alice also admits one the additional perks is free makeup to try!


Our Makeup Artistry programme is designed to teach students all about freelancing; from advanced makeup skills in SFX, fashion and theatre, to hairstyling, tanning, nails and business skills – you’ll get a well-rounded taster for different freelance opportunities. “Level 4 gives you the edge,” says Nick, “It enables you to manage yourself and your business.” Freelancing also gives you the freedom to choose your own hours and what projects you want to work on (some of which we’ve outlined below) plus weddings, graduations, school balls and events.


Want to be part of the exciting film and television industry? If you love everyday glam with a sprinkle of SFX, a makeup artist role within television might be a good fit. If you have a passion for character or SFX makeup, the film route could be the way to go. Every professional production (big or small) needs MUAs; whether it’s the evening news, a soap, on-going series or a large-scale movie. A couple of years ago our makeup students worked on Ciara’s music video for ‘Level Up’. “Getting to see your work on screen is hugely rewarding,” Alice says.


If you love the hustle and bustle of backstage, a career within live shows could be your future pathway. This could be on a freelance or contract basis, so you have the flexibility to do other side gigs. Every year the academy works with New Zealand Fashion Week on the popular Resene Designer Runway shows. “Fashion shows are a great way to network and work with leading names in the industry,” Nick says.

If you want some experience during or after studying, Nick suggests checking out your local theatre groups, stating “they’re always looking for help. Getting to know the actors is another great way to establish yourself as a professional.”

Makeup student applies makeup for Mary Poppins show
Backstage at Mary Poppins at The Civic
Three hairdressing students NZFW2019
NZFW 2019


If you have a love for sharing your makeup knowledge, why not try teaching? “I always loved doing the lessons at MAC and that really pushed me towards [makeup tutoring],” Nick says.

Going into education also means that you’re staying ahead of the game in trends and techniques, “Teaching makeup has enabled me to further hone my craft and work on my own abilities as a MUA,” Nick admits, with Alice adding, “Also sharing your knowledge and watching other grow is very rewarding.”


A sales representative, business development manager or brand ambassador are all great roles if you a savvy business mindset and enjoy a challenge. These kinds of roles give you the chance to travel and approach businesses about stocking your brand. Approachability, management skills and confidence are all vital to success in roles like these. These positions are often commission based too, so you’ll earn extra cash if you’re meeting targets!


Product development is often a forgotten career pathway within the industry. A position within this industry would be something you’d enter after a few years’ experience in the makeup world, getting to know products and working in different environments. A career within product development could be anything from researching, designing products, liaising with laboratories and marketing.